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This demo was recorded entirely on a 4 track recorder and mixed by us while drunk.


released January 16, 2012



all rights reserved


HOMOLKA Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Bleeding You Slow and Leaving You Here
Skewering you like a limp piece of tofu, charring ideals to a crisp. Useless, dogmatic and primed for the slaughter. You cannot pretend you're contributing anything, and when the dawn of society collapsing imposes itself you'll be lost with the rest, tied to the pyre and cooked for what's left of your innards like all of your comrades. There's nobody left to impress. I have no choice but exposing you for all that you are. Bleeding you slow. Leaving you here.
Track Name: White Power Ranger
Get the fuck out of my city, you brain-dead fucking scum. Don't forget to take your political ineptitude and antiquated "facts" with you when you go. I'm through with humoring you white trash childish fucking tools. Go somewhere that wants you like the 'shwa. If you care so much about segregation, then why the fuck would you choose to be here? If you step to us in the street, be aware that you will never have a chance to say a word. Stay away from us, and even then, watch your back. Canadian history X.
Track Name: PCP (Popped Collar Proctologist)
Bled by the industry, held held under water. Wish that I could sympathize, not euthanize or slaughter. Raped by the replicants that parade around before you. If they can tell a fool is gullible, they surely won't ignore you. Wash them the fuck away. Let the fucking media control every move you make. Slick your hair back, pop your collar, step onto a fucking rake. Piss away your days shining cars and puking into sewer grates. Travis Bickle has the right idea, just flush them all away. Flush them the fuck away. Nothing you believe is fucking true. You stupid dick, you never had a clue. A slash for every stripe upon your shirt. Pauly D wanna-be - commit you to the dirt. Kill yourself now.
Track Name: Generation Bitchslap
Lying through my teeth as I'm bleeding. Smiling cause I've been taught to impress. Worn away most of my feelings. Now there's nothing left but my hate. Mother, this defiance has started at the early age of three. You told me, "Son, things never gonna work out how you want it to be."